CitySeed – Final Project Reflection

Everything came together and CitySeed launched our first event on April 21st in preparation for Earth Day 2016! It was amazing to spend time with NYU peers planting microgreens and basil in up-cycled dining hall containers. We had a solid attendance; even Peter and the Dean of Tisch, Allyson Green, came and planted #CitySeeds! A reflection and photo slideshow of our first event is available on the home page of our website!

cityseedaltdesignOur website highlights our inspiration for starting the company, as well as instructions for making your own #CitySeed, and a little about us and our mission. You can contact us through the website as well.

It has been a long journey to see our company blossom (botany pun). We are so thankful for our classmates and Peter for all of the positive feedback and tips you have shared with us! Thank you so much!

Co-Founders, Skyye James and Jacob Fertig
CitySeed Co-Founders, Skyye James and Jacob Fertig

Skyye James (my co-founder) and I believe our company will continue to host events and develop our products! We are looking to speak with the NYU Office of Sustainability over the summer and plan ahead for next fall. In the mean time, check out our website for updates and follow us on Twitter and Instagram!

Our microgreens in up-cycled containers