Chelsea Handler and Climate Change

“Our air is polluted, our ice caps are melting, polar bears are now just…regular bears,” is the salty opener of comedienne Chelsea Handler’s new talk show on Netflix in an episode about climate change. Titled, “Chelsea,” the comedienne’s new show follows a somewhat expected talk show format with celebrity interviews and an opening monologue, but also features significant and often documentary-like portions on social issues facing America and the world today. There are episodes on immigration, gender equality, marriage equality, racial tension, drugs and yes, climate change.

She jokes in the monologue “When it comes to being green, I think I’m killing it: I live alone, I haven’t procreated, I drive an electric car…I live off my own land in Bel Air…” Of course, she’s poking fun at herself here, but perhaps points out that in order to continue living the comfortable lives we have and maintain our earth, more adjustments to our living habits must continue to be made.

Handler invites actor and environmentalist Ed Begley Jr. into her home to critique her energy/environmental practices or in her words “to analyze my carbon footprint, and to judge me.”

In the interview, Begley Jr. and Handler discuss her power and water bills (the former of which is revealed to be around $3500), her use of disposable plastic and her car(s). As the conversation continues, they essentially brainstorm tweaks and adjustments she might make to reduce her waste as well as energy cost like, getting a home energy audit, turning her air conditioning units off while she’s away, using a stainless water bottle, using cloth bags for groceries, taking shorter showers…ect.

Perhaps for those who are already eco-conscience, there is nothing revelatory about this 6-minute segment. But, it should not go without saying that Handler, a rather influential individual in popular culture, has exposed herself (and even her lack of environmental awareness) on TV for millions to see. There may be fans of Handler’s show who are invested in her but not particularly invested in climate change. And perhaps by watching the show and the changes she is attempting to make, they might—at least—consider doing the same. Handler has used her spotlight to highlight and speak out about one of the biggest issues facing the world today.

Personal screenshot of episode
Handler and Begley Jr. [Personal screenshot of episode]
There are no Youtube or free clips of the segment, but it is available on Netflix in the episode titled “Climate Change is Here and it’s Real” on Chelsea.