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Save Our Swirled (S.O.S.) Climate Justice Now!
Save Our Swirled (S.O.S.) Climate Justice Now!

There is no denying that I love ice cream, but I also love companies that use their power of voice for good. Ben & Jerry’s is an ice cream corporation that has been dedicated to our world since the beginning. They are bringing facts to the public in a quick and easy to read format.

“5 Things That Will Happen If We Burn All the Fossil Fuels”

  1. Antarctica will melt
  2. Sea levels will rise 200 feet
  3. No more orange juice
  4. We could easily sail around both poles
  5. No more mansions in the Hamptons

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield are two friends who co-founded this company in Burlington, Vermont. They are activists and are creatively engaging with the climate change movement through art in the form of ice cream. The video below reminds me of James Balog‘s photographs of the glaciers and the power of an image combined with facts. For many, glaciers are distant and hard to appreciate unless they have seen them personally. Ice cream; however, is something that almost everyone is familiar with and can understand. This video is kid friendly and has a message for all ages.

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream has fans around the world and they are constantly inventing and creating new flavors. With the ability to bring in new flavors at anytime, they are able to start a conversation with their consumers and the greater public. One of the latest inventions is called “Save Our Swirled” also known as “S.O.S.” Besides being a Raspberry ice cream with marshmallow and swirls of dark and white fudge, it also has an important message…”if it is melted, it’s ruined!”

Ben & Jerry's, Save Our Swirled (S.O.S.)
Ben & Jerry’s, Save Our Swirled (S.O.S.)

They care about the planet and are active in finding a solution to climate change. Many employees were at the Climate March last year. Ben & Jerry’s uses simple but powerful words to educate the world on the issues that are plaguing our planet today. They have an audience and are using their voice to create awareness and change. Below is their idea of four basic solutions for helping slowdown climate change.

The four basic “quick fix” points to solve climate change:

  1. Divest from fossil fuels
  2. Increase renewable energy sources
  3. Put a price on carbon pollution
  4. Work with developing countries to invest in renewable energy

Ben & Jerry’s is also know for their truck tours around the United States, bringing free scoops to fans of their ice cream. Now they have teamed up with Tesla, Elon Musk’s invention, and are using that it as their environmentally friendly car.

Ben & Jerry's teaming up with Tesla
Ben & Jerry’s teaming up with Tesla

Different environmental organizations have teamed up with Ben & Jerry’s in their movement. “Protect Our Winters Wants to Freeze Climate Change in Its Tracks” Avaaz, “one of the world’s most powerful online activist group”, has partnered with Ben & Jerry’s Climate Justice plan. They are seeking people to sign the Avaaz petition as the world prepares for the December 2015, Paris Climate Summit. Ben & Jerry’s have been mobilizing their employees and fans to be active in contacting their political leaders. They idea is that the more of the public who stands up and voices their love for our planet Earth, the more our political leaders will do something about climate change.


…Died & Buried. Fossil Fuel made of Sweet Cream Ice Cream with Chocolate Cookie Pieces, Fudge Dinosaurs & a Fudge Swirl. 2005-2010.

Flavor Graveyard, Fossil Fuel
Flavor Graveyard, Fossil Fuel