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Final Post

I emailed the record label of the song I used in my project, they haven’t responded but I feel a little better knowing that I at least asked.

I am so thankful for this class. I am thankful for the knowledge of this new topic that I now have a connection to. My parents are still talking about moving to Florida, and that urges me to get the word out about what it is we need to be doing to help the Arctic from melting.

One fact that scared me the most about this, is when I read the statics about how during the Polar nights the Ice relies on the low temperature to stay strong, and this winter the temperature will be just at freezing. This doesn’t allow for the ice to grow. It may even continue to melt in the winter.

I showed my project to different people and they were all very intrigued. Even though they did not the the specifics to the dance before watching, it struck up a conversation as to what it was I was trying to portray. Once I told them the story of the dance they wanted to see it again.

I love how this class meshes environmental issues with art. It is nice to find another way in which art can speak to people. I mean that is what art is suppose to do. And I think that it is important to create more art about this topic. Art gets people to talk and once people are aware, only then they will be able to change. After the showing on saturday I am going to put this video up on youtube, and Facebook with a caption, and some facts about what the dance is about. I hope this sparks something in someone. I hope that I continue to create pieces about environmental issues. I am more aware of how I live day to day, and I hope I can spread that to others.

Check Up

A check up on my final project. I meet with my beautiful dancers on Saturday and we had an amazing recording session. I have some stills of the dance pictured below. The dancers were more than willing to jump in on this dance concept, and made it even better than I imagined it would be. I used scarves that were tied to the right arm and it worked perfectly. I’m very excited to see the final project, and to share it with others. I am trying to edit it before tomorrow so I can present the final project, but there have been some technical difficulties. We will see what happens.

Inspirational Videos

These are two videos that have inspired how I want my final project to look. I love how the first video is edited. It helps tell the story, and this can only happen through video. People are used to watching dance on a stage, but this new form is becoming increasingly popular. This story is unique in the way that the video aids the plot of the dance. Also video lives forever, and because of that this dance will continue to shared for a very long time.

This video is another new way to view dance. Although I would love to go to the Arctic and film the dance there, that is near impossible. So I can not accomplish what this video does with using the environment as part of the dance, but I hope to have the environment sill present in my choreography.


As I have done more research on my original proposed topic, air pollution, I discovered it was not where my heart lies. Last semester I studied abroad in London. In one of my classes we learned about how when it rains in Venice the streets flood because the water level is so high. Then, when I traveled to Amsterdam for a weekend trip I noticed that pretty much all of the grass was submerged in water. The water levels are rising each day, and it is something that you have to look for now, but as time goes on it will be more noticeable.The National Geographic states,

“Since satellites began regularly measuring Arctic sea ice in 1979, it has declined sharply in extent and thickness. Much of the ice that’s there in winter is thin stuff that doesn’t survive the summer. The loss of ice is affecting the entire Arctic ecosystem, from plankton to polar bears. And some scientists think that, by altering the jet stream, it’s affecting weather—and people—around the Northern Hemisphere.”

I want to change my topic to the melting of the ice caps. I knew I wanted to direct it in a way that deals with water and global warming, but it wasn’t until we watched the documentary of the ice caps melting that I knew that was the story I wanted to tell through dance. So for my project, I will be telling a story of the melting ice caps through dance. This will be a group dance, with about 6 people. I will be using the song Tornado by Jonsi. I have yet to reach out to ask about using the song, I will be doing that within the next few days. This dance will include a blue piece of fabric that will be used by all of the dancers. I want to examine the facts for and against these ice caps melting, and with that tell a story of an ice cap slowly melting, with one person who is refusing to see what is right in front of their eyes. I have pulled some videos for examples of the kind of piece I would like to create.


Standing with Standing Rock #NoDAPL


As police are now using Facebook check-ins to target those in protest at Standing Rock, people are taking to social media to support the protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline by checking in to the Standing Rock Reservation via Facebook to dilute the check-in system and stand in solidarity with those physically protesting at Standing Rock.

Internet activism is not particularly new, and it is far from perfect.  It is not necessarily the best way to participate but it is the most accessible and in the end it is an incredibly effective means to raise awareness about issues and start conversations around them.  It’s amazing to see people taking a public stance at the intersection of an environmental and human rights issue.  Making climate change a tangible issue to the public can be difficult as its effects are not often seen immediately, but when factors of climate change are directly correlated to human rights as well I think it is easier for people to sympathize with and take action to fight the unjust.  Issues such as the Dakota Access Pipeline on the Sioux reservation exhibit how human lives, particularly an indigenous tribe, are being displaced by actions of large corporations extremely similar to many of the articles we read last week concerning Monsanto and Dartmouth.  This directly reflects how the U.S. government has continued to marginalize Native American communities.  The $3.8 billion Dakota Access Pipeline would carry over 570,000 barrels of crude oil from North Dakota to Illinois.  Not only would this harm the surrounding environment and jeopardize safe drinking water, but sacred burial grounds and cultural traditions would be destroyed in the process.

The gallery below is just a few of the increasing posts I saw when scrolling through Facebook in the last couple of days. If there is an issue that you believe in, there is always something you can do even if it is as simple as clicking a button and sharing a link: