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Hurricane Sandy Five Year Anniversary

On this fifth anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, the producers of the series Years of Living Dangerously have made two episodes from the first season free to view on YouTube.

Years of Living Dangerously, Season 1 Episode 5: True Colors
Years of Living Dangerously, Season 1 Episode 7: Revolt, Rebuild, Renew

“Everything we needed to know about climate change, we knew in 1988.”
Naomi Oreskes


The Sorry Project

After two months, I have a finished film! I’ve learned a lot throughout this process both as a person and an artist, but I am very proud of what I made.

I have to thank Justin Scholar a million times for all of his help and support throughout this entire process.

I was very taken by the fact that 3 states have outlawed the term “climate change.”

Please check out some of my inspiration from, Rob Marshall, Flint, and Donald Trump.

Check out the film on YouTube as well! The film is also on my website!

The Sorry Project

I want to direct and choreograph a music video to Justin Bieber’s song sorry that physicalizes the denial of climate change through dance.  I am using.

Pre-Production Notes
Pre-Production Notes

I want to address the denial of climate change and how we will all pay for our neglect if not personally then through the lives of our children and grandchildren. The hopeful take away is that if it’s not already too late to say sorry for our actions, then it very soon will be.

We are going to film the dancing on 4 locations throughout Manhattan: City Hall Park, Central Park, the bull in Wall Street, and a rooftop in Harlem. We will also be doing shooting in an NYU studio at the Toddman Center.

Wall Street Bull Statue
Wall Street Charging Bull Statue

We will be dancing in formation on location. I have recruited 15 dancers for the film.

We are filming the entire project on Saturday April 9, 2016. I am working with producer Justin Scholar who will be doubling as my director of photography. He and I will be editing the film on Monday April 11th so that it can be premiered in time for Earth Day.


We had our first rehearsal this past Sunday 3/6/16 and we will be rehearsing again on 3/15/16 and 3/17/16. Check out the rehearsal footage below.

Cut intermittently throughout the dancing, the camera will cut to articles about major events surrounding climate change and the lack of responsibility on behalf of the government and major corporations. Some topics to be included will be Flint, MI, the Porter Ranch leak, and the Koch brothers.

In addition, we will be using NASA footage that showcases the progressed warming of the planet in recent years.