Can We Live?


This weekend a came across an article titled “Air fresheners and scented candles ‘are to blame for pollution in the home that KILLS 40,000 a year'” by Sean Poulter in the Daily Mail. The article talks about how commonly used house cleaning supplies are actually a huge component of air pollution and pollution related illnesses. In the article, Poulter says, “The warning comes from a joint study by the Royal College of Physicians and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health to be published this week. According to the report ‘indoor air pollution may have caused or contributed to 99,000 deaths annually in Europe’. It suggests that everyday kitchen products, faulty boilers, open fires, fly sprays, air fresheners, deodorants, DIY and cleaning products contribute to poor indoor air quality.” Households items that we would never stop to even think about are now a threat to our health and can cause vital damages to the environment. These items can be as simple as the deodorant we use in the morning or the Yankee candle we use to make our apartments smell less dirty and many others. 



As the article goes on, Poulter also states that, “At the same time, certain furniture, fabric, furnishings, glue and insulation can emit formaldehyde vapor, causing irritation to the lungs.” So now the threat could also come from our bed that we use to sleep at night, the kitchen stool that we use for our quick meals in between classes or even the towel we use to simply dry our bodies after the shower. Every tiny little detail of our daily routine has now become the subject of air pollution and the outcomes of air pollution.


My question is: How are we supposed to adjust our daily standard routine that is necessary for us to function on a regular basis to eliminate the danger that is air pollution? We live in a society that has engrained certain ethics and morals in our heads from the get go that are nearly impossible to get rid of. How are we going to get people to stop purchasing Yankee Candles, even though they are a huge way of fundraising for high school and middle school kids in suburban America? Are we going to start sitting and sleeping on the floor from now on, in case we get infected by formaldehyde vapour from our couches? For ages, our society has worked towards constructing a social structure that would not allow us to break certain boundaries and regulations. Our daily necessities come from directly from this social structure and unless we construct a new social structure as the upcoming generation, I don’t see how we are going to take steps towards eliminating air pollution in order to take better care of our planet.

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One thought on “Can We Live?

  1. I had no idea. I never thinking about what could be polluting the air I breath at home. I definitely didn’t know Yankee candles were pollutants. This is useful information.