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“f we view climate changes as our enemy we will always be defeated, for climate will always change. Natural climate change is frequent, often extreme, and sometimes rapid. Industrial CO2 is a real problem just as you have heard, but it’s only a fragment of the whole story of climate. In other words, I’m not a global warming denier – I want to add to the discussion of climate change from the point of view of geology and natural change. What may matter most is not our carbon policies, but whether we invest in adaptive strategies that can serve us well when change inevitably arrives on our doorstep.”
E. Kirsten Peters, The Whole Story of Climate: What Science Reveals About the Nature of Endless Change


Awareness changes everything. Once something is known there is no “unknowing.”

9 Animals which went extinct in your lifetime.

Merchants of Doubt: take action
Merchants of Doubt: take action

Peter Terezakis
Greenworld, Art and Public Policy
University Artist in Residence
New York University 2015