Broadway Green Alliance

Growing up, my parents always sent me to two camps: theater camp and a sleep-away camp funded by the Florida Federation of Garden clubs that emphasized environmental consciousness. As I grew up, my passion for theater became something I integrated into my daily life and my education, however my education from my sleep-away camp never left me. I worked at this camp until I went to college. Upon entering college, I started working in the houses of Broadway shows and was appalled by the immense amount of waste that was being generated at each performance and the lack of emphasis on recycling in these theaters. I started doing research to see why environmental consciousness was something that way looked over in the theater scene. I found an organization, called Broadway Green Alliance, that is trying to change this problem.

“At the BGA, we recognize that it is impossible to be 100% “green” while continuing activity and – as there is no litmus test for green activity – we ask instead that our members commit to being greener and doing better each day. As climate change does not result from one large negative action, but rather from the cumulative effect of billions of small actions, progress comes from millions of us doing a bit better each day.”

BGA’s mission is to educate and allow its members to take part in a large goal. This organization has reached out to Broadway, Off-Broadway, and touring theatrical companies in order to reduce waste and increase awareness of the environmental issues generated through theatrical production. BGA is an incredible initiative that I do not think gets enough publicity in the theater community. I hope that as time goes on, all theaters begin to adopt the practices that are encouraged by this organization.



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