Brandicapped! by Mel Epstein

Brandicapped?  How to Communicate Who your Business is, What it Does, and Why Anyone Should Care to Remember it.

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Brandicapped by Mel EpsteinBRANDICAPPED? can best be described as a “Bizness of Oz”-like parable.   It lands you in an innocent little place filled with innocent little people — who suddenly discover that in order to live happily ever after, they must first do battle with a devious and devastating business communications disease.

BRANDICAPPED? goes something like this:  Once upon a time…

Meet the Author
“I want business leaders, especially CEOs, to know and understand, once and for all, what Brand and Branding are about.  I want them to finally get who’s in charge of the Brand.  And I want the people in charge to realize that Brand and Branding have a significant effect on a business’ bottom-line.”

MEL! Epstein, a Branding Guru, Marketing Heartthrob, consultant, writer, university professor, and closet stand-up comedian, continues to develop, produce, and teach Branding.   Mel’s Five Seconds of Branding Fame came when he created the internationally recognized: “It’s Ten O’Clock, Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

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