‘Brandicapped’ The Crazy World of Branding

This short story by MEL! Epstein, immerses the reader into a town once removed from modern society. It follows the  Brandologist Dr. Melman while he comes across the town and begins to spread his knowledge of branding, in order to help the foreign community strive.

In “Brandicapped,” the town is called Some Place. Some Place is unknown, but proficient at manufacturing the finest white shirts in America. The only problem is that if you don’t live in Some Place, you have no idea they even exist.

Some Place represents the artist who never advertises or shares their work. Every member of the town, works in the factory, producing the shirts, buying the shirts and then proceeding to wear the shirts. To them this system seems perfect.

Brandologist Dr. Melman represents the art galleries which are available for artists to show their work, get art lovers to buy their work all in the hopes of making more profit and creating a name for themselves. While promising to help change Some Place’s lack of branding appearance, Dr. Melman experiences resistance from the community of Some Place.

In the end, the people take his help and use the branding ideas to expose their town and share with the public that they make the finest white shirts in America. This will increase revenue, invite more people into the town and allow more work for the factory men.

This story, is important for up and coming artists, like myself for it teaches the value of selfbranding. Whether it be a well constructed resume, an online portfolio or a social media page. In order to be successful in this business, one has to self- brand themselves in a creative, catchy and memorable way.

What makes one stand out like the white shirts make Some Place stand out? What catches the casting director’s or employer’s eye that intrigues them to look at you or read about you? How can you create a brand for yourself that helps you become more successful?

These are all questions I am asking myself and my fellow art comrades.

Through further research on this topic, I found this TED Talk about the importance, danger and challenges of branding. It helped me round out the moral of the story and the relation it has to the present artistic world. Check it out!