Epstein’s Brandicapped takes the reader on a journey through Some Place, a town in Southern California that makes white shirts. The story begins with Dr. Melman coming across Some Place. He makes quick note of the problems with Some Place’s brand, or lack there of.

Along the way, Dr. Melman meets Bumble, Rumble, Aumble, Numble, Dumble,  and Ed- the principle principals of what becomes Some Place’s brand. He educates them about what it means to create a brand and helps them do so to “un-brandicap” the town of Some Place.

In Brandicapped we learn the components of what it takes to create a brand. I find that these components and principals can be applied in my own line of work as I begin to enter the world of being an artist.

Specifically, as a photographer, I realize that I need to begin to form my own brand- what type of work I do, who my clients are, my goal with my work, etc. This requires me to market myself appropriately through my website, social media, and connections that I make while in school and beyond.

As I do this, I find that my line of work and the jobs I desire to have will fall into play. However, that ultimately requires my success in creating a brand for myself. Because, as I learned in Brandicapped, “THE BUSINESS IS THE BRAND, AND THE BRAND IS THE BUSINESS.”