Blair Best Mid-Term Pitch

The Importance of Being Green


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~The Giving Tree

This quote from the children’s book The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, inspired me to research all of the things a single tree can do for us and our surrounding environment. It brought to my attention how we may take for granted, the importance that trees have on our personal health and health of the earth. Here is a link that lists and proves some of the top benefits of trees, Top 22 Benefits of Trees

As soon as I read this quote, I was compelled towards feeling an intimate and somewhat emotional connection to a tree and all that it freely gives us.

Stemming from this moment of inspiration, I found that I would like to focus my project on the usefulness of trees. Specifically trees in green spaces within our urban environment. I want to find out why parks are so important to metropolitan areas. Benefits of parks

Most importantly, I want to talk to people. I am eager to uncover how people think about and treat the green spaces that may in fact, in many ways, be saving our lives.


I will be creating a documentary style video that captures people enjoying and using Manhattan parks. I will also be conducting Man On The Street (MOS) style interviews to gather a consensus of how people in the city think about their environment, the city parks and how they treat them.  Depending upon the overall responses I receive from the people I interview, I will be able to find the angle of my video. I will be adding a track of my own recorded voice reading a script which, I will create that will be informed by what I discover. It will include facts and a basic analytical story line. It will bring to life, either one of these two possible outcomes I am anticipating to find:

  1. How we as a metropolitan community either take advantage of or do not recognize the importance of what is green.
  2. How we do in fact, appreciate the green spaces we have and understand that proper care and use of the natural environment is imperative to a healthy personal life and the overall health of the city.


In my recorded voice track, I will be including information on the history of urban parks, as well as corresponding imagery. I want to explore how metropolitan parks began and how they have evolved over the years. My goal is to meet with and interview a teacher at New York University in the environmental department in order to gather more information on this topic and footage for the video.

This will be important because, I hope it will illuminate for the audience how much time, construction, planning and critical thought goes into creating public green spaces. Hopefully, by including this angle of insight, it will further the message of how essential nature really is for our city environment. Layering an element of history into the video, will also give it a sense of deeper value.


As for the video footage, I want to include shots of inner city filth in contrast to inner park beauty.

I am interested in focusing on the problem of in New York City and how parks/trees have the ability to lessen this environmental epidemic.

Living in Manhattan is amazing, except for the air quality

Shots included of vehicle and subway fumes versus people riding bikes not producing pollution and trees blowing in the wind, will offer a visceral reality for the audience.


As in any creative process, I am anticipating growth and alterations to this initial outline. Once I begin filming and hearing what people have to offer on the subject and the more research I conduct, I will be receptive to how that all influences my idea and I will adjust the documentary as necessary.

However, this is the framework so far.

Aerial view of Central Park