Black Rock Adventures

This weekend served as a much needed escape from New York City. Although the school year has only recently begun, stress is already flooding campus and illness is lingering in the air. Black Rock was an excellent environment to establish new friendships and connections between students and faculty from multiple departments within the NYU network.  I am grateful and thankful for the NYU faculty and administration as well as the Black Rock Forrest staff who made the experience so fulfilling. Additionally, I was surprised to find a great deal of inspiration from various people during the trip and I am considering using some of these new ideas for my midterm and final project. I would go back to Black Rock in a heartbeat and I would definitely recommend that any student go on this trip in the future! Enjoy some of my photos (in pristine iPhone 5 quality) below!

img_9863 img_9869 img_9876 img_9878 img_9886 img_9896 img_9902 img_9954 img_9959 img_9973 img_9976