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Humanity and Heartland need Science.

Humanity and the Heartland Institute need science.
Heartland needs Humanity to sell its Koch-funded agenda.
Science needs neither Humanity or Heartland.

Linked below are two very timely articles by Ethan Siegel


“At a time where science is critical to the future of humanity, it’s important that we all agree on the facts. We may disagree on policy, on the best course of action for society or the world, or on which concern is most paramount in terms of importance. But we have to agree on the same facts as a starting point.

If the only way you can make your argument for your desired policy position is to tell lies or distort what we actually know, then no amount of reasoning will change your mind.

You can’t reason someone out of a position they didn’t reason themselves into.

The only reason to write about validating climate skepticism is to reinforce pre-existing beliefs. That’s not science, nor is it science communication.

We have to do better. We are the world, and we have to demand accurate information.”

Ethan Siegel, Forbes

“Society didn’t get to where it is by focusing on dissenting scientific voices; it advanced by valuing and listening to what was validated and known. We didn’t advance by delaying until we were 99.99999% sure we had it right; we took the best information we had and acted. And we didn’t invest in the future by cutting funding for the enterprise that makes future advances possible; we chose a boldly ambitious project and saw it through, 100% of the way. It’s up to humanity to write our own future, with science providing the ink in our pens.

If we stop listening, stop investing, and stop valuing the lessons it has to teach us, it’s only a matter of time before we suffer the same fate as an untended yeast colony.

We can be better than that, but only if we decide to choose and value science.”

Ethan Siegel, Forbes