Wang Renzheng makes brick from air pollution

Smog Red Alert

Wang Renzheng makes brick from air pollution in ChinaWhen Jethro Tull released his album (Thick as a Brick) China had a population of 862 million people.   Today it is 1,405,586,609 billion (for the current number, check the Worldometer).   It could be that Tull was referencing humanity’s inability to look forward; that collectively we are too self-absorbed to understand what the true cost of convenience and the pursuit of shiny new things was going to be for those who come after us.   It could be that Tull prognosticated Wang Renzheng’s work to visualize what we are all breathing. Or not.

Thick as A Brick: Jethro TullWith the world’s human population currently close to 7.5 billion people, it does not seem as though business models which have been in place for the past fifty years will work for the next twenty years.  Or not.



The vision of Steve Cutts

 News Dec 8 2015, 6:21 am ET Even Hospitals Aren't Safe From Beijing's Toxic Smog by David Lom, Julia Zhou and Eric Baculinao BEIJING — There's almost no escape from the smog blanketing China's capital with the pollution levels inside the respiratory ward at Beijing's Children's Hospital even reaching hazardous levels on Tuesday. Although Beijing has experienced air quality much worse levels in recent years, the latest bout of pollution was the first to trigger a red alert under a 2-year-old system that requires a forecast at the outset of at least 72 hours of consecutive high pollution.