Art For The Environment

I found both Racing Extinction and Idle Threat: Man on Emission to be perfect examples of using art for an environmental and humanitarian purpose.

The team in Racing Extinction chose to perform their piece on a larger and more poetic scale, while I found George Pakenham to use his humor on a more local scale.

I admire how both parties managed to create a work that corresponds to what they personally believe in whether it be the extinction of species, or the idling of cars.


It is true that such a monumental exhibition as the one found in Racing Extinction is quite breathtaking at first sight because it makes us immediately understand that we are part of a much larger world and that we must keep other Earth beings in mind even though we live in the urban city of New York. 

It also struck me that George Pakenham’s technique was equally as effective in helping the environment as it gave people in their cars an immediate solution on how to be more eco-friendly and considerate of their surroundings.


I think that both documentaries demonstrate two very opposite ways to raise awareness for a cause but I do believe that George Pakenham’s idea is much more tangible and perhaps more applicable to students like us. I found myself becoming much more aware of my surroundings after seeing Idle Threat: Man on Emission. I started to pay attention to the idling vehicles parked on the street outside my window and became bothered by the smell they brought into my bedroom. It made me realize that pollution is not something that anyone can ignore at this point since it even penetrates into everyone’s personal homes.