Art Changes Our World

In 2013 I had the opportunity to teach a class in environmental advocacy using art as a leverage point within the department of Art and Public Policy at New York University.   Eventually I moved my efforts to Tisch’s Open Arts program where the program has found a home to grow.

In 2012 Greenland’s thawing ice sheets were just starting to become news.  Headlines of Antarctica’s 8,000 lakes, giant waterfalls, and spike in the growth of greenery had yet to be printed – or imagined.  During those relatively halcyon days my chief upset centered around President Obama’s concessions to big oil.  Given the current state of political affairs with respect to the environment, the worst is yet to come.

Fortunately I have had and continue to have some of the most concerned, creative, determined, inquisitive, and passionate students in my classroom.

Albert Einstein received the Nobel Prize in Theoretical Physics in 1921 for his law of photoelectric effect, another pivotal step in developing solar power.

My students are my hope for a better future.  This website is filled with their work.

— Peter Terezakis