A Solution and a Shirt

Plastic garbage is harmful because making plastic requires the use of dangerous chemicals. However, plastic garbage is also harmful to the environment because plastic products are not biodegradable.  The rate at which humans use plastic is much faster than the rate of plastic decomposition.

Americans use 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour

A plastic milk jug takes 1 million years to decompose

A plastic cup can take 50-80 years to decompose

The disposal of these products is important to examine, as plastic is often disposed in landfills or rivers/oceans. As a result, soil and water are contaminated.

Plastic garbage in the ocean kills as many as 1 million sea creatures every year

The global fishing industry dumps 150,000 tons of plastic into the ocean each year


What can we do about this?

E360t shirts are constructed from 100% recycled soda cans or water bottles that would otherwise end up in the ocean or in a landfill. This is a creative way to get people to be passionate about the environment. It is most important to get the plastic manufacturers to stop making plastic bottles/cans in the first place, but that’s challenging. The e360t shirts are an example of a productive solution. Although it’s good to make individual decisions to stop using plastic, it is still being made and dumped into landfills or the ocean regardless. The e360t shirts look at the plastic issue as a whole and offer a way for our society to be productive with the plastic that we use. Everyone wears shirts so why not construct them out of recycled plastic? In addition, the proceeds support education!!! e360t shirts offer  scholarships, internships, and fellowships to low income urban students.

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Additionally, plastic can be used to make:

Trashcans, park benches, playground equipment and kayaks

Fleece-like fabrics used in clothes and blankets

Clothing, carpeting, detergent bottles and lumber for out-door decking

Here is an interesting link with 23 fun ways to reuse old plastic bottles!

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