A Haiku Exploration of the Six Boy-Scout Knots

So I am fascinated, scared, and excited to, in the words of Josh Zacher, shatter my ignorance! I was horrified to find that, according to the article about protecting Arizona’s public land, logging has left only five percent of the Southwest’s original old growth forests still standing. The Ponderosa Pine Forests of the region are listed among the most endangered ecosystems in the world. The area is also prone to fucking idiots, as target shooters decide to take their guns and shoot big ugly bullets at saguaro cacti, petroglyphs, and other natural resources and formations.

That was just the beginning of what I learned on the many ways humanity is pooping the party in the environmental department. What I had to laugh at, however, was the inclusion in the documents of the Six Boy-Scout Knots. It was so helpful, as now I have six multi-purpose knots to use if I need to bind two objects or tie up my truck. I don’t have a truck though. Anyway, I thought I’d re-teach the lesson in a fun way, except I’m only doing the three knots that don’t require a post.  I also tied them all with my phone charger. Cowabunga.

Square Knot

Photo on 1-31-16 at 10.29 PM #2

For shoestrings and things                                                                                                                                   Don’t bind two ropes together,                                                                                                                           Maybe they’ll slip loose!



Photo on 1-31-16 at 10.32 PM

It’s a non-slip loop,                                                                                                                                                   A true gangsta knot which YOU,                                                                                                                                  Might see if rescUED.


Sheet Bend

Photo on 1-31-16 at 10.38 PM

Again, it’s a knot                                                                                                                                                       Alone and lonely? Not this Knot.                                                                                                                               Two ropes together.



One thought on “A Haiku Exploration of the Six Boy-Scout Knots

  1. I don’t know what I enjoyed more: your hat, knots using wire, photography, roommate’s expression, or style of writing!

    These go a long way in offsetting the sadness from reading what is left of the old growth forests.

    Interesting thing about the saguaro (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saguaro) that the Wikipedia article left out: under optimum conditions the plant grows one inch per year. If you have ever logged any desert time, you know that many rainy seasons are less than optimal, especially in the past decade.

    Desert life merits more respect than use as a target.