Awareness Is Key

In a globalized world, It can feel like an individual’s actions are insignificant, and sometimes this is true. There is huge change coming for the environment, whether we like it or not, but It is up to us if we learn from the mistakes of our past for a better future, or if we simply continue to dig in our heals and defend our current lifestyle. Because the world is changing on such a large scale, it’s hard to know what is happening, let alone what I should do about it.  That’s why Green World was so helpful to me in my life, because awareness is the first step to change. Because of this course, I see things I wouldn’t have before, and I avoid products I wouldn’t necessarily know to avoid. Whether it be not supporting street vendors who run generators all day, to being aware of which means will have ractopamine, knowing that flicked cigarette butts most likely end up in the bay, or simply avoiding my Roommate’s scratched-to-hell Teflon pan, I’ve made positive change in my life because of this course. (Speaking of Teflon, I just read that any pasta which looks smooth to the surface (or not advertised as cast in copper molds) was molded in Teflon molds. I had no idea, but now I’ll be aware.) I’ve attached some photos I took while walking the streets of NYC, which illustrate these points.

Idleing Vendor Trucks
Cigarette Butts are Litter
Food Trucks/Carts Using Generators
Teflon is BAD

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