Of beehives and chains

A few weeks ago I heard about Arnold Abbot and his noble battle against system’s senselessness. (Sorry, I am not on Facebook.  I get to know some of the news after a very long time. This is kind of dated, but anyways.)  Last November he fought to show Florida State police and inhabitants that to give some rice and fish to homeless people is rather a good action than a criminal violation.  The sad news showed that at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, you are not allowed to feed homeless people in public areas.

Does this sound normal?  No.  Not to me at least.   Arnold Abbot’s act was far from being a bad behavior.  But he was punished anyways.  He was probably punished because his actions could damage modern society structure; his kindness was threatening modern Western individualism.

Slave Hands in Chains source mediados.com
Source: www.mediados.com

Oftentimes I feel that there is a Big Brother telling us that we are not supposed to be caring about others, but just about our sole needs.  It is not just frustrating but embarrassing to read that this 90-year-old man was being admonished because of his humanitarian comportment.  I believe that he is not the one that should be ashamed.

 Consumerism and individualism want to really dig deep in our minds (and hearts).  It could be an easy job for them to do so if we do not realize how dangerous they might get.  The problem is not only about how empty life might become, but even worse how unbearable it can be.

The lack of preoccupation about fauna and flora extinction is actually very close to this. We should know already that what happen to animals and plants will probably happen to human beings as well.  What is risky for them might be risky for us –maybe not tomorrow, but the day after.  I say this not even thinking about the spiritual sense of a consequence chain, but actually paying attention to what do we need from nature to survive.  It is actually smart to start thinking about extinction’s consequence regarding our own interest: to live.

 Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is a weird phenomenon that is happening to bees since a few decades ago.  It is a syndrome that affects some bee’s colonies, where adult bees are found absent and thus workforce is insufficient. Subsequently the queen-bee leaves, then the rest of population dies.  One element of the chain is needed in order to actually have a chain. If an element disappears, consequences bring a new scenario.  A scenario that was not intended to be.  That element was meant to exist in order for the chain to exist. In nature the question is always about subsistence.

Source: www.mathinthecity.com

 As Marla Spivak says in her TED lecture: “we can’t afford to lose bees.”   She explains how important bees are for Earth’s natural functioning and certainly for us human beings.  What is also astonishing from her talk is the discussion about how bees are mirroring what would happen to us if we continue consuming (consuming in the wide sense of the word) poisoning substance such chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  She encourages us to plant local flowers and to provide them natural complementary substances in order to help the natural and healthy biodiversity for our bees.

One more time it seems that the answer is related to sensitivity and respect rather than to a lonely wining of a phantom race.  We are here in this planet together, and there is a reason for that. Let’s work together then.  Marla Spivak beautifully says: “each of our individual actions can contribute to a grand solution, an emergent property, that is much greater than the mired sum of our individual actions.”  Like insects, we should better work thinking in a large-scale change from the cooperative organism.

I would like to finish my post showing the following video called MAN.  It sadly reflects about the way our civilization has behaved since the beginnings of the years.  We seem to be like only child made out of glass inhabitants in this world.  Please do not take me wrong, I do not intend to criticize or attack only child persons.  I just want to make the point that our behavior looks oftentimes like we are the center of the universe and moreover that we should be treated with immense amnesty.  That is not true: we are only victims of ourselves.

Let’s do some more humanitarian actions and less of nonsense chain destruction.

One thought on “Of beehives and chains

  1. “One element of the chain is needed in order to actually have a chain.” That is one succinct observation. I read a couple of “supply chain theory” listings and didn’t see your axiom mentioned. Sometimes the simplest of observations are the most illuminating.

    Love the animation and the metaphors which you are developing. It will be interesting to see what makes its way into your final project. incidentally Brendan is working on bee collapse for his final. He will be a good source if you are interested in finding out more. Good post.