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Foreign secretary David Miliband, his brother, the energy and climate change secretary Ed Miliband, and the government’s chief scientific advisor John Beddington describe what the world would be like after a 4C rise in temperature.
— article by Andy Duckworth, Guardan UK

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Jim Yong Kim, President World Bank
New Report Examines Risks of 4 Degree Hotter World by End of Century – World Bank

“A planetwide temperature rise of 4 degrees C will cause a precipitous drop in crop yields, along with the loss of many fish species, resulting in widespread hunger and starvation.

Hundreds of millions of people will be forced to abandon their homes in coastal areas and on islands that will be submerged as the sea rises.

There will be an explosion in diseases such as malaria, cholera and dengue fever.

Devastating heat waves and droughts, as well as floods, especially in the tropics, will render parts of the Earth uninhabitable.  The rain forest covering the Amazon basin will disappear.  Coral reefs will vanish.  Numerous animal and plant species, many of which are vital to sustaining human populations, will become extinct.

Monstrous storms will eradicate biodiversity, along with whole cities and communities.  As extreme events begin to occur simultaneously in different regions of the world there will be unprecedented stresses on human systems.

Global agricultural production will eventually not be able to compensate. Health and emergency systems, as well as institutions designed to maintain social cohesion and law and order, will crumble. The world’s poor, at first, will suffer the most.” Potsdam report, commissioned by World Bank (pdf)

World Bank - Climate ChangeNovember 18, 2012

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