Stop the Arctic Drilling

Shell is going to start drilling in the Arctic in 67 days…This is beyond frightening because the picture above is what could happen when they start drilling. It happened in the Gulf of Mexico and off the coast of Alaska; it can happen in the arctic too. We do not have the tools or resources to clean a disaster like this in the arctic. Who knows what we will be doing to environment. We don’t need Arctic oil. We need renewable energy such as solar or wind power; we need innovation. Obama gave the “thumbs up” for Shell to drill but I do not think he understands the consequences in doing so. We need to make a change for our kids, parents, our future. I fear the corrupted Earth generations to come will inherit from us.
 According to WWF Global the possible threats are:Spill Cleanup is Impossible

There is no proven effective method for containing and cleaning up an oil spill in icy water.

We Cannot Respond Quickly

The difficult conditions of the Arctic, and its distance from where response capacity is stationed mean it can take days or weeks to respond to a spill, even during ice-free periods.

Spill recovery is slow

The Arctic is characterized by a short productive season, low temperatures, and limited sunlight. As a result, it can take many decades for Arctic regions to recover from habitat disruption, tundra disturbance and oil spills.

Economically and culturally important species are at risk

Offshore oil exploration, drilling and production can disturb the fish and animals that are cornerstones of the subsistence and cultural livelihoods of Indigenous peoples in the Arctic. Arctic fisheries, providing both food and economic value far beyond the Arctic, are also at risk.

Ocean noise injure marine mammals

Whales and other marine mammals use sound to navigate, find mates, and find food in the often dark waters of the ocean. Seismic noises, like the air gun used by oil and gas companies to explore for oil offshore, can be deafening for these species. Excessive ocean noise from oil and gas exploration and drilling could cause injury, confusion, and even death.

(Taken from WWF Global)

 Curios to hear both sides I did more research into Shell and their side of this exploration. So first I took a look at their website and came across this video. find it hilarious that Shell is claiming they are doing all they can to know enough about the Arctics ecosystem to create the safest ways of drilling offshore. In my opinion, they are just doing this research and sharing it on their site to satisfy the public. They want to please the public eye but when it comes down to it they could care less. Big corporation such as Shell are thinking of the money involved and are willing to do all they can to get it. Even if that means sucking up to the public.

The Arctic is rich in biodiversity and contains ecologically-sensitive areas. The health of plants and animals depend on the survival of their habitat. We work with scientists to better understand the Arctic’s ecosystems. We have policies in place to assess environmental risks and we closely monitor the impact of our activities.

The Arctic’s remoteness and harsh conditions require a range of advanced technologies to develop resources safely. It has a unique environment and is home to indigenous people who depend on the land and sea for their livelihoods. We have 50 years’ experience of operating safely and responsibly in the Arctic.

It is frightening that people actually believe offshore drilling in the Arctic will be both safe and beneficial to our environment. In the video above I quote, “I think Shell will be in Alaska for a long time.” I find this idea scary and discouraging because we have seen what oil and fracking does on land just imagine what it will do in our offshore waters in the Arctic. Imagine the species of plants and animals and what this will do to them and their environment, our environment.

You can go to the link above to Greenpeaces’ website and write a letter to Obama to try and stop the drilling in the Arctic. They will start drilling the summer so we have little time to take action. If we unite as a community we can stop this. Any form of action can and will help no matter how young or old you are. This is our future and we need to take action to save it. We do no need the Arctic oil instead we need more renewable energy such as wind and solar power; we need innovation. We need to take back our planet from because this is our future. We need to do this for our kids, parents and ourselves. It is generations to come that will inherit our mistakes.

Greenpeace also had this great short clip of a movie, Black Face which is now available on iTunes, on their Facebook page and I wanted to share it with you all. It is about the Arctic drilling and how Greenpeace has been taking action as well as how the oil companies have taken action against these protestors. I loved how they said these oil companies are the criminals but these companies are accusing anyone who speaks up and protests against the offshore drilling are the criminals. They are the real criminals, so why aren’t they being punished for these actions? Think about this question because it is true. I have not had the chance to watch it but I will as soon as I can and hopefully write a review. Just from the preview I got chills because it is just terrifying how these companies could honestly care less about the environment or humans themselves (if you are one who speaks up). Since when has it been a crime to speak up and fight for what is right? Is that not what we are taught in school and in our homes? I am excited to see this movie and encourage everyone to watch it and as well do more research and take action to stop this before it is too late.